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New Location, same great products!

New Location, same great products! Call or come into Audiosports of Rancho Cordova, member of Luxury Playground Inc. Click here to contact us online.


Most aftermarket stereo systems are well equipped.

Most aftermarket stereo systems are equipped with pre-amp output which can be very handy if you are planning to expand or add an external amplifier. Since the head unit is considered to be the brain of your audio/video system, making sure that you have an adequate one is vital.


Never treat your cal as a tool!

Never treat your car as a tool that simply gets you from one place to another. It’s time to pimp your ride to get a more enjoyable experience and make your driving fun. You don’t have to break your bank to upgrade your car’s sound and get fuller and better sound quality.


Upgrading your car's audio system is always overlooked.

When you buy a new vehicle, much of what you pay for goes to features such as spoilers, wheels, and engine power. Upgrading your car’s audio system is overlooked by many car owners. Factory audio gear isn’t sophisticated enough to provide strong bass and clean sound. It’s time to get a new stereo and a more powerful set of speakers to make your driving more enjoyable and less frustrating.


Featured Products

Featured Products | Audiosports

Car Audio

Since vehicles have been manufactured the stereo systems have always seemed to take a back seat to the rest of the comfort included options. They typically look ok but they more often then not reproduce terrible sound and have few if any...

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Few people know that there is a rating requirement system that must be met or exceeded to be classified a true Marine Audio Product. These ratings at lease are ASTM B117 (Salt anf Fog Exposure) and ASTM D4329 (UV Exposure)...

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At one point and time the landscape outside the vehicle window was the only show most families needed on a road trip. Not the case in many lifestyles today. With the children having more and more options we here at Audiosports can help...

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